New Media + Communication Services
Welcome to the new Web home of Son Country Communications. As we build the site, we invite you to visit often and watch our progress.
We've been providing Media and Multimedia services since the 1960s. Back then, "Multimedia" used Big Screens - usually lots of them; many, many projectors; and Super Sound Systems. Computers to run the programs? Not at first. We pushed buttons or recorded audio pulses onto cassettes. Then came controllers using punched paper tape.

Now - the World of Media, New Media and Multimedia uses tools we only dreamed of. But the tools are just that - tools: ways to help tell stories that reach people - that touch their minds and hearts. Son Country Communications has been helping people tell their stories for over 50 years, using the most effective ways to reach their audiences.
More to come
More to come
More to come

We're sorting through our archives, looking forward to sharing a bit of what we've done.