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-====== 2020 Refresh ======+====== 2021 Refresh ======
-Well this is quite a year. But this page isn't the place to talk about it right now.+We're changing our web site, and encourage you to come back again to see the new design.
-===== What We're Doing =====+Thanks for visiting. We look forward to seeing you soon.
 +===== What We're Doing Now =====
 +Son Country Comunications has provided a variety of communication, media production, website design and support services - and continues to be available to serve you.
 +We're making changes in some of our service providers and adjusting how we work on our projects. 
 +So, from time to time this and other Son Country Communications supported websites may look different as we clean and polish them. Be sure to check back and see how we're doing.
 +//Jim Coyle,//
 +//October 2021//
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