Ready for Nature’s Fancy Dress Ball?

Into the basking warmth of the day there had crept, with the approach of evening, that heartening crispness which heralds the advent of autumn. Already, in the valley, some of the trees had begun to try on strange colours, in tentative experiment against the coming of nature’s annual fancy dress ball, when the soberest tree casts off its workaday suit… Read more →

Happy WordCamper

WordCamp Pittsburgh 2017 opened with Kevin W. Hoffman sharing his surprising path to involvement in the WordPress community, how he’s learned from the community, and how he’s able to help others build their confidence and skills. I’m here at WordCamp Pittsburgh – a year later than I’d planned. I’m among about 150 WordPress [the leading blogging and “content management system”… Read more →

Decision to Hope

It’s November 7, the day before Election Day 2016. I voted yesterday, just a couple of days early – Ohio is a state that allows early voting. I’ve saved my voting sticker to wear tomorrow though. If you’d like to hear my thoughts about this year’s campaign and candidates, let’s get together and talk about them over an appropriate beverage.… Read more →

“You’re Grounded!”

As I wrote in an earlier post, I was planning to fly to Florida for a family weekend but might have to cancel if a little gas bubble in my eye didn’t completely dissolve before my flight. Well, the bubble has spoken. Although it’s pretty small, its voice was loud and clear: “You’re Grounded!” I’m disappointed but am doing OK.… Read more →

Out of Control …

Specifically, out of┬ámy control. I don’t know whether I’ll be flying to Florida later this week to spend a long weekend with family members who live there. No, it’s not a hurricane that might keep me grounded. (That’s so last week.) It’s a tiny gas bubble in my eye. A very-slowly-dissolving gas bubble inserted during eye surgery I had two… Read more →