Podcasting: Real People and Real Stories for the Mind and Heart

I’ve been producing Podcasts on and off since the early days of podcasting in 2005. And I’ve been listening to some amazing podcasts for years, especially Radiolab, The Moth Podcastand This American Life, ll of which began life as Public Radio programs. I’ve enjoyed Catholic podcasts created by Fr. Roderick Vonhögen and other people under the SQPN banner, and tech podcasts from Leo Laporte and his TWiT podcast network.

But I’ve been amazed at the explosion of podcasting during the past year! The breakout podcast Serial with millions of downloads for each episode; Start Up – a podcast documenting the process of starting a small business which became Gimlet Media which currently has 3 podcasts and a fourth on the way; and the creation of the podcast collective Radiotopia, spearheaded by Roman Mars of the 99 Percent Invisible podcast.

At the core of these podcasts is real Storytelling for our time. We’re experiencing what appears to be a new age of Oral Storytelling – and I’m ready to jump back in and be part of it!