Why am I still here?

Can you fight dementia? Become your own health Advocate and a coach!

Many people with dementia, die from pneumonia, bronchitis, and UTI’s.

Why wait for PCP suggestions, take control of illnesses and symptoms yourself.

1.  Actively pursue a good Immune system. I have specialists in Immunologist, Pulmonologist, Gastroenterologist, Speech Therapist, I kept getting pneumonia and bronchitis several times per year, when I asked for help building my immune system. National Jewish Hospital discovered my Sleep Apnea, GERD, COPD , and suggested:  Losing weight, specific exercises  and O2 at night.

2. Keep germs away.  Regular home mold and water tests, air filters at home, on airplanes, hospitals, and public places. You can buy filters to cover air on planes. On trips, take Inhalers and the strongest antibiotics for bronchial attacks, vaccinations yearly.  Incontinent-watch for UTI’s  with “Test Sticks” that have 8 tests, Self-catheterization.

3.  Everyone should have a Bidet –mine is a Brondell. They sit right on a toilet.  It sprays 3 different settings, Him and 2 for Hers. Change the water temperature and amount of flow. You can heat the seat,  and it will blow you dry. It comes with a blue night light.   The best part is the remote control.  When company comes just guess who is in the control?  A great place for your brain games!

4. Monitor your Health– pay out of pocket ($2-300)-Life Line Screening http://www.lifelinescreening.com/   yearly, tests for: Stroke/Carotid artery disease, Abdominal aortic aneurysm, Peripheral arterial disease, Heart disease, Heart disease risk, Congestive heart failure, COPD,  Creatinine Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease. Use the internet-choose your team of docs by experience, check treatment, and check drug compatibility.

5.  Better Living  through Chemistry– Treat symptoms: Meet monthly with  Psychiatrists that  usually prescribe and monitor ”mind meds” keeping anxiety, depression, and a variety of uppers to help with meds that are sedative. It took over a year to get the right mix/dosages.  We are treating symptoms, because they had no cure or even one pill to slow the decline.  However, if your spouse gives up, thinking you are angry and aggressive, which is a change from before. Consider some meds for anxiety for you and your carepartner, to deal with this final diagnosis.  Hopefully, meds will change what caregivers see as anger that can be treatable anxiety for a better quality of life.

6.   Fighting stigmas- Try to keep up-beat attitude, find others with ideas to compensate as cognitive abilities decline. Psychotherapist helps deal with my terminal illness. Have a family meeting to discuss long term decisions you have made you can have a facilitator there. There are also many support groups on-line.  The Alzheimer’s are sponsoring support groups for FTD and Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

7.    Exercise your brain- There are many new software’s (brain games) being developed specifically for your area of the brain that need new cells. I used Posit Science. Exercise your body, eat right to control your weight, and sleep 10-12 hours.

8.   Track of the research- I am doing this by participating in clinical trials at Mayo Clinic. Keep up new treatments, mutations being discovered that could be my families, rates of decline by Neuropsych tests, and Pet Scans. Not all years are down!

Live fast, love lots, and protect the dignity for those who have no choice.

*These are my ideas, and do not represent the views of any doctors and any other organizations.*