The Cast

We have combined some of the most brilliant minds and passionate researchers and other professionals with some of the corporations and alliances that will help provide the Hope.

More importantly, 6 families share their stories in vulnerable transparency.

Overview of Hope and Staying Healthy:
Dr. John Trojanowski, Pathologist
University of Pennsylvania

Early Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Differentiation:
Dr. Bradley Boeve, Neurologist
Mayo Clinic

Dr. Murray Grossman, Neurologist
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Virginia Lee, Director of Neurodegenerative Disease Center
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Gerard Schellenberg, Geneticist
University of Pennsylvania

Genetic Counseling:
Dr. Elizabeth McCarty-Wood, Genetics Counselor
University of Pennsylvania

Imaging Research:
Dr. Val Lowe, Radiologist
Mayo Clinic

Dr. Sara Qualls, Director of Gerontology Center
University Of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Financial Planning:
Kimberly Maez, CFP, Ameriprise Financial Advisor

Estate Planning:
David Griffith, Attorney

Social Security Claims:
Allison Tyler, Attorney