Eucharistic Adoration

We have a CRITICAL NEED for Adorers for the following hours:
Saturday 2:00 am
Saturday 4:00 am
Sunday 1:00 am
Monday 4:00 am

Please sign up for one of these hours to ensure that Jesus is not alone. He is waiting for you.

Blessing of the Bambinelli
December 14 & 15

Children are invited to bring to Mass this weekend the image of the child Jesus from the family Nativity Scene. The children will be invited to bring the image forward at the end of Mass for a special blessing upon them and the image.

It’s Not Too Late to Add This to Your Advent Prayers:

New Beginnings Advent Retreat 2019
A weekly Audio Retreat from the Jesuits in Britain

Welcome to New Beginnings, an audio Advent retreat in collaboration with Sacred Space. This year, we invite you to deepen your relationship with the God of ‘new beginnings’. Over five audio sessions, you will be guided through scripture taken from Jesus’ birth narrative, encouraged along the way to recognize God’s movement in the lives of John the Baptist, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the Wisemen. In turn, it is our hope that you will also recognize the movement of God in your own life. Join us as we begin this journey together. 

Listen to the Introduction to the Retreat

Beginning with this audio Introduction released on Thursday, November 28, you can participate by listening to a new audio session of reflections and prayers released every Thursday during Advent and Christmas.

You can listen to the Retreat sessions on most smartphones, tablets, and computers with access to the Internet. There is no cost for the Retreat, and you can decide the best place and time for your weekly Retreat reflection and prayer.

To get started, simply Click Here to go to the New Beginnings Advent Retreat homepage.

This retreat is created by Jesuit Media Initiatives from the Jesuits in Britain. Another outreach is Pray as You Go, an initiative which provides daily prayer in MP3 format, for people travelling to and from work – and, in fact, other times of prayer.

The information about this retreat is provided by Jim Coyle, our Parish webmaster, who finds “Pray as You Go” a helpful resource for his prayer.