I’ve Missed You

I’ve missed you. This past year has been a bit of a challenge for me. I moved from a home and town I loved, to a new town and a new way of life — a retirement community! My choice.

I’m near all my children now, and my youngest grand babies who are 3 months, 3 and 5 years old. I’ve not had this privilege since my kids all lived at home and we all lived in Grayling. So that’s a big deal. (Thank you, Papa 🙏🏼)

But with that joy comes a condition I don’t do well: change. Like this image, my life has been a series of cocoons and emergence.  This year has seen many stronger cocoons, with each time taking more strength than I have on my own to break free of.

And so, I have been focused on just one thing:  To fight the prison my mind is determined to create, adapt to my new life, and have a longer period outside of the cocoon than in. Does that make sense?

With this post, and the “Prayer for the President” that was posted 3  days ago [“I Don’t Hate Anyone!”], I’m seeing a ‘breakthrough’ which gives me hope. Don’t expect miraculous results — though they truly are — I’ll still be me. A little bent, a little broken, but me.

Might be a while for the wings. Might even be a moth. But I’m still here.

And that leads me to the rest of the story.  Stick around. This may be interesting.

Love you, thank you for your patience. Your prayers.


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